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February 24, 2016
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3d-model-prototypeThere are many ways in which 3D character creation can be of great significance to how a business communicates with its audience. Beyond creating the initial face of a company in the form of a mascot, there is a real potential to build a story of the business model itself and demonstrate the services provided, in a way which far exceeds traditional methods, as the outcome can be truly personalized to reflect the brand.


Character creation and animation can be a great tool to help your audience best understand your service, and allows for an element of storytelling that can be manipulated to suit your intended viewership. Over the years many companies link  Video Caddy have used animation techniques to deliver their message and the trend slows no sign of slowing down, especially as new technology comes to the forefront allowing for continually advanced results, which continue to dazzle audiences across the globe.


Success Story



In terms of marketing, having a 3D character to represent your business can be a memorable way to deliver content, and help viewers build a connection. Compare the Meerket for is one example whereby character creation helped not only put a company on the map, but quickly doubled its profits and ensured a continued successful pattern of growth.


Masterminded by London ad agency VCCP, campaign for insurance comparison centres on a series of life-like Meerkat characters. These characters were also given away to each customer in the form of a soft toy. An incredible seven years after it was first launched on screens in the UK, it continues to run strong and now features green screen technology featuring celebrities such as Nicole Kidman who have cameoed alongside the characters.


When discussing the introduction of the initial character “Orlov”, Gerry Boyle of ZenithOptimedia commented: “Without a shadow of a doubt he has been a catalyst for a huge change in advertising in the category: every one of’s competitors has now radically changed their advertising,”.


The advert continues to remain popular showing throughout primetime television slots, as well as amongst online and print advertising, and one of the characters catchphrases “Simples” even made it to the Oxford English Dictionary. What this goes to show is that character creation can have a profound impact on a business model, and can be a great way of connecting with an audience on a long term basis, especially as the audience becomes familiar with the characters and how they represent your brand.


Harnessing The Right Skills


Character creation encompasses a vast variety of skills including illustration, modelling, rendering, idea generating – not to mention strong video editing capabilities. Whilst the industry hasn’t moved completely away from traditional hand drawing techniques, designs are increasingly digitalized utilizing software such as 3DS Max and Zbrush. What hasn’t changed over time however, is the incredible amount of attention detail that is required to bring such animations and indeed characters to life.harnessing-the-right-skills


Those who graduate in animation and similarly game design, have experienced rigorous training which includes the building and testing of characters and environments. This is in addition to a strongly encouraged ethos of taking fine art/life drawing classes outside of studies to help refine skills in human and character drawing. There is an emphasis on understanding shape, tones and textures in order to create life-like results when transferred through digital mediums.


There is also the need to be able to manage a tight deadline alongside a demanding workload, and so it’s important to find skilled artists and creators who can meet this expectation. Outsourcing through Artwork Abode will guarantee a stress free process, and we would be delighted to discuss your needs with you and show you a portfolio of our success stories to date.


Endless Potential


Technology is constantly evolving, and the possibilities to create life-like characters and special effects with current industry software, allows for endless potential. With Zbrush in particular, there is the ability to quickly create 3D prototypes and even make continued changes to the design whilst meeting with clients, which undoubtedly is hugely efficient and beneficial towards meeting deadlines and ensuring a successful outcome.


As Artwork abode only use the most up to date versions of our animation software (used by companies such as ILM and Electronic Arts), we are able to provide our clients with industry leading technology. This means that the process of transforming initial concepts into real life ideas that will represent your business is becoming ever more sophisticated, and can be used for a variety of purposes.


“As the industry standard in digital sculpting, ZBrush’s toolset is flexible enough to allow it’s users to choose a workflow that suits them best.” –




There are many key factors to consider when deciding on 3D character creation for your business. Firstly, having a strong and driven strategy before work begins will ensure from the brief has been understood and can be well prepared and researched by the creative team.


When it comes to the actual creation and execution of the finished product, it’s important to have a team with strong industry standard skills who are driven to work together to pool their resources to deliver a successful outcome.


At Artwork Abode we maintain a standard of excellence throughout our projects, all of which are delivered at a reasonable cost and is flexible to suit you the client. We can discuss your business model with you and what you are looking to achieve, and advise the best direction this could take through the form of character creation, and quite possibly other services which we offer.


Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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